Where Are You?

Firstly I’d just like to apologize for the inconsistency in posts but due to it being quite a bust time academically, so we will still be attempting to post as often as we can, there just won’t be much of a schedule to it. So this is more of a reflective post, encouraging you to think about how the previous month has gone and how you wanted it to be. Of course it’s probably more something you should be trying to do everyday.

So where are you? Mentally, physically, emotionally. In terms of the path you are travelling towards your goals and ambitions. Do you think you’ve made good progress in the first month of 2017. Crazy that. The first month of 2017 has already gone and we’re in February. How do you think January went for you? as good as you wanted it to? Did you manage to stick to your resolutions? I think it’s a good idea at the en of each month to note down how you think it went, what went well. But also the aspects you’d like to work on. As well as what you expect the following month to be like.

In January it is often the month of resolutions; healthy eating, new gym life and many early mornings. Completely unrealistic. Starting a new life is not starting a new life we need to remember, these changes will be slow and take place overtime. Even if you did have a binge in the middle of January it’s not the end of the world.Just try again and don’t be too hard on yourself.

Something I’ve done in January is been keeping a daily timetable of what I’ve been getting done in the die and what times. I think this really helped me keep track of how productive my days are and what times I noticed less of a work mindset. This helped me schedule my next few days more effectively and notice how much work I was capable of achieving in a set period of time. It’s something I would recommend if you’re one of those people (like me)  who often goes off on a tangent doing everything but what you should be doing.

So, I hope January was a productive month for you and I hope February will be an even more productive one.

Love Curls and S x

‘All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.’                                                                         – Walt Disney 


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