Find Out More About Us!

Hey everyone, welcome to our little page on the internet. It is run by my twin sister and I, one of us with straight hair, and the other with hair that is curly. Which is where the name has derived from in our little attempt to be unique, haha. This page is basically a blog that we will update for you guys every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. We decided to start it in the hope that we can find someone in the world who enjoys listening to us and just find others out there with the same interests in beauty, health and fitness. I hope you enjoy having a rummage through our site be sure to check out the links below to our other social links. Please let us know any questions or comments you may have regarding our blog. I’ll speak to you later don’t be afraid to ask us anything any questions or suggestions can be e-mailed to us. Love Curls & S x

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Facebook: Thecurlyandthestraight

Twitter: @andthestraight  @_thecurly

Pinterest: @curlynstraight

Instagram: @Thecurlyandthestraight


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