My Exams Are Finally Done!

So, the month of May has been a long and gruelling one for many of us who have studied immensely hard for exams. Some of you might have finished two weeks ago and some of you might not even have had your last exam yet (you can do it!)

So we have both been studying this past year for my Scottish Highers of which we have both done five. It has been extremely difficult and stressful and yes there are many days whee you just feel like giving up but after finishing my exams the break I have now has never felt more rewarding. During this time you should be thinking ‘I have tried as hard as I possibly can and there is nothing more I can do’ There is no point dwelling on it and stressing about it, just enjoy the time that you now have.

So we have been thinking about the future of this blog and I think that from now onwards, there will be a lot of posts related to education and studying as this is what we will be focusing this new academic year. Seeing as it’s the year we apply to uni, it is quite an important one (s6 in Scotland and year 12 in England) But also a lot of other general posts. We know that we have been absolutely terrible with our posting frequency but seeing as we now will have a much less hectic timetable, we will be posting as often as possible.

So lots to look forward to! What year are you in or what are you major goals at the moment? We hope all of your exams went well and you are taking some time out to for a well deserved break.

Love Curls & S x

‘Looking back gives you regrets, looking ahead gives you opportunities.’


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