March. ’17

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Where Are You?

Firstly I’d just like to apologize for the inconsistency in posts but due to it being quite a bust time academically, so we will still be attempting to post as often as we can, there just won’t be much of a schedule to it. So this is more of a reflective post, encouraging you to think about how the previous month has gone and how you wanted it to be. Of course it’s probably more something you should be trying to do everyday.

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Blogmas Day 13; Challenging Yourself

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Blogmas Day 9; School Motivation

So, it’s that time of your where very unfortunately school is getting in the way of all of the festive fun. Boo. I mean who really wants to be doing homework when we could be wrapping presents, watching Christmas films and just enjoying the festive fun. Here are my top tips to make sure you still keep up with work but still enjoy the festive season. Continue reading

Starting A New Chapter; Friends

Yes I have been incognito for a very long while and I am ashamed. To be honest, what with  a new school, new curriculum and Highers just begun I haven’t had much of a chance to even breathe. Staring a new chapter is an incredibly difficult thing.For anyone. And I don’t think we ever really prepare ourselves for a huge move even days before it’s planned. Because,talking about and discussing this move seems as though you’ve thought it out properly and you’ll be able to handle and everything’s peachy keen but the actual fact is that actually going through with the change and a couple of months into it is when it really begins to kick in. Starting a new chapter is more like writing a new book, different characters, a whole different path being paved and nobody will know you.

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