Tilikum The Orca

Today’s post is slightly different to what we typically write. As you might have guessed by the title it’s regarding Tilikum The Orca. Now you might recognise this name from recent news..

So Tilikum the Orca died on Friday the 6th of January in Seaworld. At approximately 37 years old (many sites have different figures for this) Following his death I was recommended by a friend to watch the documentary ‘BLackfish’ depicting the truth about Tilikums life and what he went through. It’s such an insightful and eye opening documentary and is bound to make you tear up if you’re an emotional person. Without giving too much away the jist of the documentary shows how corrupt places like Seaworld are for taking young animals from their natural habitats and the wild and keeping them in enclosed, small environments and training them to do ticks for our entertainment. In Tilikums experience he was raked by the other larger Orcas and bled a lot due to being in places so much smaller than where they are meant to be. It’s unnatural and it’s inhumane.

Also, not only did Seaworld take him from his home and train him to do tricks for the benefit of others, Seaworld lied. The oldest known Orca lived until around 106 years old, Tilikum lived until 37 and Seaworld say that the average age for an Orca to live is 25. We can’t be so manipulated by the media we can’t see sense anymore. It’s possible for an Orca to live for up to 100 years in the wild, by taking them and holding them in captivity their life span is restricted by a very significant amount.As well as the cramped conditions, no family and being forced to partake in shows.. is that fair?

This is one Orca out of tons imagine how all the other animals must feel being snatched from their home and family so people can pay money to gawp at them and take a few pictures. You might be thinking, that’s life it’s been going on for ages there’s no point in trying to stop but we can’t close our eyes at the things we don’t want to see because they disrupt our view. Take a long hard look and think about what you can do to help. There is always a way to help. After doing some research on the topic I found various charities which exist helping this cause one of them being PeTA; People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals which is one which really caught my eye as they are very honest and straightforward with their aims.

A thousand miles start with a single step and that single step should start today. Think small, change yourself first, stop going to these zoos, be vegetarian, buy animal friendly cosmetics, look into what you’re passionate about. The most important thing; just don’t give up.

Love Curls & S x

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’                                                                                                               – Martin Luther King



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