March. ’17

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Where Are You?

Firstly I’d just like to apologize for the inconsistency in posts but due to it being quite a bust time academically, so we will still be attempting to post as often as we can, there just won’t be much of a schedule to it. So this is more of a reflective post, encouraging you to think about how the previous month has gone and how you wanted it to be. Of course it’s probably more something you should be trying to do everyday.

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How to Spend a Sunday

Ah Sunday. Sunday snooze, Sunday chill, Sunday vibes. Who doesn’t love it?

I think it is so important to make sure we relax at least one day during the week ( that is of course, as long as you used the remaining 6 days constructively) Especially if you’re constantly revising for exams because it might be an important academic year for you.It’s so important to make sure you combat the stress and anxiety by keeping your mind occupied with a few other activities.snapchat-8843415214875865484 Continue reading

Tilikum The Orca

Today’s post is slightly different to what we typically write. As you might have guessed by the title it’s regarding Tilikum The Orca. Now you might recognise this name from recent news.. Continue reading


It’s that time of the year again.. It’s the New Year! It’s officially 2017! So the excitement, hopefulness and optimism has built up to what can be considered one of the most dramatic moments of the year. How are you spending your New Years? Did you go all out to a New Year’s Eve party or simply chill at home cosy in some pjs? Continue reading

Blogmas Day 13; Challenging Yourself

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Blogmas Day 9; School Motivation

So, it’s that time of your where very unfortunately school is getting in the way of all of the festive fun. Boo. I mean who really wants to be doing homework when we could be wrapping presents, watching Christmas films and just enjoying the festive fun. Here are my top tips to make sure you still keep up with work but still enjoy the festive season. Continue reading