Where Are You?

Firstly I’d just like to apologize for the inconsistency in posts but due to it being quite a bust time academically, so we will still be attempting to post as often as we can, there just won’t be much of a schedule to it. So this is more of a reflective post, encouraging you to think about how the previous month has gone and how you wanted it to be. Of course it’s probably more something you should be trying to do everyday.

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How to Spend a Sunday

Ah Sunday. Sunday snooze, Sunday chill, Sunday vibes. Who doesn’t love it?

I think it is so important to make sure we relax at least one day during the week ( that is of course, as long as you used the remaining 6 days constructively) Especially if you’re constantly revising for exams because it might be an important academic year for you.It’s so important to make sure you combat the stress and anxiety by keeping your mind occupied with a few other activities.snapchat-8843415214875865484 Continue reading

Perfect Halloween Dinners

So when you think Halloween/Autumn what two veggies immediately come to mind? Butternut squash and pumpkins? Yes me too!! Which is why I decided to incorporate each into a yummy dinner. 

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Halloweeny Stuffed Peppers

Now, you’re probably wondering what on earth I’m talking about ‘halloweeny stuffed peppers’ but after reading the Tesco magazine recently I received vast amounts of inspo in terms of cooking, something which caught my eye especially in the coming up to Halloween these looked perfect!

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So unless you’ve been hibernating all summer you would have seen that the 25th of August and the 18th of August were extremely important days for many of the British population. Tears of happiness and tears of sadness shed and some results that will last forever. GCSE and A level results were released to the hopeful youths of tomorrow. I was one of those youths. Continue reading

Easiest Banoffee Pie Recipe

So, t’is the Summer and it is time to indulge, I mean when is it ever time not to indulge! I’ve been doing a lot of baking and experimenting this summer and one of my favourite recipes has to be this banoffee pie. It might sound complicated but honestly it’s so easy and fairly quick.

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Why Running Is My New Fav Thing

To be fair. There probably is slight exaggeration in the title to this post. I enjoy running/jogging/ sometimes walking and have only recently started doing it in the mornings. Hopefully I will stick to it for as long as I can, hoping to improve as I continue.IMG_20160724_204108

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