Tips For The Start Of 2017


So what have you been telling yourself this 2o17. Diet, exercise, organisation.. Well here are my top tips for staying put together this year.


Keep a diary, you can keep a day to day diary, a weekly diary or even a fitness diary of you don’t really enjoy writing that much. This is something you can just pour your emotions out into to keep them from building up during the year, as we all know that it’s human nature to get anxious and stressed sometimes, this is a good way to make sure they don’t overpower the rest of your life.

For those of us who don’t really enjoy writing and are trying to start a new fitness journey then you could try to keep a fitness diary recording all of your daily workouts and how long it took you to complete them so that in a month or so you can refer back to it to see if you are improving. Pictures are also very useful when beginning a fitness journey as you can picture what parts of your body you are improving. Just make sure to take them in similar positions so if there is a development you will be able to notice it more easily.

Keeping a routine can be quite hard sometimes especially when you’ve been out of a routine for perhaps 6-7 weeks and are forced to finally get back into one again. For me the easiest thing I do which helps me to remember all the things I need to do is writing it down. Map out a little chart indicating all of you weekly or  monthly activities you need to do and stick it somewhere you always look. This way you won’t get surprised when you find out there was a meeting or a friends birthday you forgot about.

Accumulating unnecessary clutter around in your house and living space will begin to clutter your mind. The best way to prevent this is by making sure that you clean out your house or room regularly so you know where everything is and only possess things that you need. This will also make it so much easier for you when you’re looking for something because you’ll know where it is and won’t have to spend house searching for it. Like they say, a tidy house is a tidy mind.

One of the most important things we must all be doing is making sure we schedule in time to relax and de-stress. Just forget about everything and recollect yourself. Look at where you are; emotionally, physically, academically and where you want to be. It’s so important to make sure you just take time to focus on yourself, without being surrounded by devices.

Hope you all enjoyed this post and it made you look slightly more forward to going back to school, hopefully. let us know what posts you would like to see next! Have a great day!

Love Curls&S x

‘Don’t look back. You’re not going that way.’


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